Notes for the meeting of masters students on the 9th June 2009, 5.15-7.00 in 1WN 3.8. (Department of Education, University of Bath)

Can we develop a shared understanding of our unique embodied expressions of our life-affirming energies and values using video-clips of our educational practices and the words 'loving recognition', 'educational responsibility' and 'respectful connectedness'?

On Tuesday 9th June the master's session will focus on an exploration of the possibility that we can come to shared (public) understandings of the meanings of our unique expressions of our life-affirming energies with our values.

I am thinking of meanings that we will establish through a relationship between our ostensive meanings that we generate from pointing to video-clips of our practice and the meanings in our value-words 'life-affirming energy', 'values', 'loving recognition', 'educational responsibility', and 'respectful connectedness'. That is, I am thinking of establishing shared meanings through a relationships between our ostensive expressions of meanings as we point to our practice and our lexical expressions where meanings are carried in relationships between words.

In each of the video-clips there are expressions of energy with values. Can Louise, Claire, Sally, Jack and Marie publicly communicate their unique meanings of their embodied expressions of energy with values in a way that we can share their meanings with the help of meanings of the value-words, 'life-affirming energy', 'values', 'loving recognition', 'educational responsibility' and respectful connectedness? To show the process of using 'showing' and 'telling' in the expression and communication of our meanings I have included two short video clips of Cheryl Black and Moira Laidlaw with the question/claim that both Cheryl and her student are expressing a loving recognition for each other and that Moira is expressing a loving recognition towards her students.

What I'm wondering Claire is whether the two clips are the most appropriate to communicate your loving recognition and educational responsibility in your relationships with your pupils? I'd like to share responses on whether Louise is expressing her educational responsibility, loving recognition and respective connectedness in her educational relationships. Sally do we have a better video-clip to show you expressing your values? Marie, do we have more appropriate clips to show you expressing your life-enhancing energy, your loving recognition, your educational responsibility and your respectful connectedness in your educational relationships?

The best clip to help to comprehend Claire's meaning of 'exquisite connectivity' (following Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes meaning of exquisite connectivity at can be accessed from the url under the second image of Claire that leads to 'How am I integrating my educational theorizing with the educational responsibility I express in my educational relationships with the children in my class and in my school and wider society?'. You should be able to click on the photo of Claire with with her pupil at the front of the class. It comes at the part where Claire refers to a moment of exquisite connectivity (Scholar-Rhodes).

Cheryl Black

Please look at 10-12 seconds into the 20 second clip. Do you experience loving recognition between teacher and student? This link takes you to the Grand Erie action research site with Cheryl's MA dissertation

Moira Laidlaw in China

As you watch this 1.03 minute clip do you experience the expression of a loving recognition from Moira to her students?. This link takes you to Moira's doctorate

Louise Cripps

How do I improve my educational relationship with the learners I work with, both adults and children?

Claire Formby

How do I sustain a loving, receptively responsive educational relationship with my pupils which will motivate them in their learning and encourage me in my teaching?

Claire Formby

How am I integrating my educational theorizing with the educational responsibility I express in my educational relationships with the children in my class and in my school and wider society?

Sally Cartwright

How can I enable the gifts and talents of my students to be in the drivng seat of their own learning?

Jack Whitehead

Using a living theory methodology in improving practice and generating educational knowledge in living theories

Marie Huxtable

Improving Educational Practice And Generating Educational Knowledge.