Living Values, Improving Practice

Co-operatively: Developing An International Action Research CPD Project


We do research to understand. We try to understand

in order to make our schools better places

for both the children and the adults

who share their lives there (Eisner, 1993)

This is an opportunity for leaders, teachers and other professionals, committed to improving the life-chances and well-being of children and young people, to enquire individually, collaboratively and co-operatively.

Accounts by teachers, Head teachers and other educators who have worked in this way can be found here.

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Through the project we will be researching to create and make public our knowledge of how we are each, and together, improving education in our daily practice using a living theory approach.

As we research to improve our individual daily practice we will also be researching together to learn how to improve how we learn, work and research co-operatively and collaboratively