How Can I Create My Own Living Educational Theory As I Offer You An Account Of My Educational Development?

I intend my thesis to be a contribution to both educational research methodology and educational knowledge. In this thesis I have tried to show what it means to me, a teacher-researcher, to bring, amongst others, an aesthetic standard of judgement to bear on my educative relationships with Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Higher Degree education students and classroom pupils in the action enquiry: 'How do I help my students and pupils to improve the quality of their learning?' By showing how my own fictional narratives can be used to express ontological understandings in a claim to educational knowledge, and by using insights from Coleridge's 'The Ancient Mariner' to illuminate my own educational values, I intend to make a contribution to action research methodology. By describing and explaining my own educational development in the creation of my own 'living educational theory', I intend to make a contribution to educational knowledge.

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Title, Abstract, Contents

The General Prologue


Part One:-A Search for my Educational Standards of Judgement

Part Two:-In Search of Synthesis

Part Three:-Returning to the Golden Tapestry:Ontological Authenticity

Part Four:-My Educational Knowledge: Creating My Own Living Educational Theory