For the Monday group and invitation to colleagues.

5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, 25/04/05.


David Fulton publishers sent on yesterday advance capies of Action Research for Teachers (McNiff & Whitehead, 2005) and I'll have a couple of copies for you to browse through and to share our celebration. Marian is very close to submitting her thesis on I am because we are. How can I improve my practice? The emergence of a living theory of responsive practice. Marian will have the Abstract for us on Monday <click here. Paulus will be responding to Bob's Draft Chapter One for his book on standards in action research. I'd like to link this part of our conversation to the theme of AERA 2006, Educational Research in the Public Interest. What I've got in mind is a symposium submission for AERA in San Francisco with any colleagues who want to present around the theme 'Is our educational research in the public interest?' or 'Our educational research is in the public interest'. (Michael Brody, editor of AR Expeditions, is interested in a symposium proposal to the Action Research SIG following the pattern of the ballroom town meeting members of the Monday evening group organised at a previous meeting of AERA. Sue Hansen of National-Louis University is interested in putting in a proposal to the teacher-researcher SIG on living educational theory and teacher research. Sue is supervising a living theory thesis. )


Following last Monday's conversation with Rachel about Moira's educational influence in her learning when she was at Oldfield and the continuing influence she feels in her work at the University, I'm hoping we can share

some ideas on how to extend Moira's influence into the BANES project for developing action research approaches to enhancing learning in 5 schools. Moira's work with her colleagues in China is well represented in 'Action Research for Teachers'.


I've also responded to the following letter from Irris Singer to arrange a meeting with Professor Sami Adwan on the 27th April (I think Jean can make this meeting as well. Alon it would be good if you could join us) to see

if there are ways in which the inclusional action research approaches we are developing at Bath with Alan could help to enhance the flow of values of humanity from the Bereaved Parents Circle into the education of wider

social formations.


"I would like to introduce myself, Irris Singer.  I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I teach psychoanalytic psychotherapy and am Clinical Director at the Institute for Psychotherapy and Social Studies.  I am also

a friend of Ken Masters.


Ken has suggested I contact you about a visiting Professor of Education at Bethlehem University, Professor Sami Adwan.  My contact with Prof. Adwan is through the Bereaved Parents' Circle a group of 100 Israeli and 200

Palestinian families whose children have been killed as a result of the conflict.  Prof Adwan is consultant to the Palestinian faction.


I have a professional, political and research interest in the Circle, which from my conversations with Prof. Adwan, Dr. Dan Bar-On of Ben Gurion University, who is consultant for the Israeli faction,and Boaz Keta'in the

Director of the Circle is shared by members of the Circle.


I am hoping your work in action-based research might have something to offer us and wonder if it might be possible to set up a meeting on either the 26 or the 27th April with Prof. Sami Adwan.


Last Saturday's presentation at ICTR in Montreal on 'How are we supporting the activation of Konaiken in the development of a culture of enquiry with living educational theories?' by Kei, Jackie and Jack, went well and I

should have four slides to show to illustrate the meaning of the Japanese idea of Konaiken in the context of Jackie's work on the creation of a culture of enquiry with living educational theories. Judy McBrides living educational theory Ph.D. thesis on, How do I, a teacher-researcher, contribute to knowledge of teacher learning and practice in teacher education as I explore my values through self-study? is under examination at McGill University and Im hoping that we can engage with Judys ideas later this year.


Margarida's presentations in Spain and Mexico and her communication of the meanings of pleasure in learning continue to inspire.


Looking forward to seeing you. If you can't make it, do e-mail in your news to share with the group.


Love Jack.