Subject: Monday's conversational Review of 2004


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 20th December.


Hoping that we can celebrate our achievements over 2004 and look forward

to 2005 in this last Monday evening educational conversation of the year.

Do bring along some nibbles and I'll bring some drinks. Also if you have a

CD with some music you can remember dancing to with pleasure bring it

along - or think of the title - I'd like to link this dancing with

pleasure to Ken's expression of Qi energy!


It's Jean's birthday on Monday and I'm hoping we can wish her many happy

returns in person. Jean also has a proposal to share with us for a 2005

Conference of the Educational Studies Association of Ireland. Marian has

been working on the framing for her thesis and may have something to share

with us on this framing on Monday. Mark Potts from Westwood St. Thomas

may also join us with his completed masters dissertation, plus a CD with

video-clips. I'm hoping James will be able to show us his

video-archiving of clips on his apple-mac.


I've been working on a multi-media account of inclusional educational

relationships and I'd like to see if it is possible to extend my shared

understanding with Moira so that I can validly say that 'we' can

characterise the expression of her embodied values, in the video-clip I

made at the end of her lesson on 15th October 2004, as an inclusional

loving flow of life-affirming energy. I'm using Alan's idea of

inclusionality as a relationally dynamic awareness of space and boundaries

that are connective, reflexive and co-creative. I'm also working with

Alan's idea of the complex self as representing a fully contextualized

understanding of 'self-identity' which reciprocally couples distinct but

not discrete inner (local) and outer (non-local)  spatial aspects through

an INTERMEDIARY domain or 'dynamic self boundary'.


I'm hoping that Marian will be with us because I'd like to hear what

everyone thinks of my suggestion that the expression of Marian's passion

for compassion in the visual narrative of her thesis, is an original

contribution to new inclusional, living educational standards of

judgement. I'm thinking of Marian's originality in terms of the way in

which her Theatre for Development can be seen to integrate the above idea

of an inclusional understanding of a complex self. If this suggestion

seems too heavy for our last session of the year, and you'd prefer

Margarida's focus on pleasure, just ignore it!


If you can't make it and have news to share - wherever in the world you

are - just e-mail it in ......


Love Jack.