Integrated Systems


The Tamera community (see the Terra Nova project ) in Southern Portugal is a good example of a large group of people  working towards ‘going off-grid’ with respect to self-sufficiency in food production, water and waste management and energy.

Following the Memorial Gathering at Monkton Wyld, a group of Paulo’s friends and colleagues met at Tamera to carry forward his ideas about growing integrated systems within communities. The decision was made to work parallel to the existing initiatives at Tamera and develop through practical research a blueprint that would be adaptable to disaster situations or to any other areas in need. Thus was born the Blueprint Project, whose progress is reported in the third section of this website.


How can self-sufficient communities go ‘off-grid”? At a physical level, all humans need shelter, food, energy. These basic needs can be provided by an integrated permaculture system that incorporates water and waste management for food production, low-impact and sustainable materials for housing and biogas and solar systems for energy provision. When integrated together, energy from the sun drives all these systems at maximum efficiency and minimal final waste.

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