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The main part of this website is contained within a dedicated server. Everyone who uses it will have their own personal set of external web resources that they use to inform their evolving projects - resources that can be useful to all others. The Upload button on this page is not yet active. If you have useful links that can add to this website, then please contact Peter Mellett to share your ‘favourites’.

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Paulo Miscellaneous

Video of the celebration of Paulo’s 35th birthday 22 August 2014


  1. Magnus Wolfe Murray’s blog includes a tribute to Paulo (as in Scrapbook 2). There are also in-depth reports on the Tamera Stirling engines, the RECODE projects in Pakistan and water management projects.

  2. The GEN Global Ecovillage Network website contains a multi-lingual Solutions Library under the Resources menu. A huge amount of material is categorised under the four headings - Social, Culture, Economy and Ecology.

  3. The Permaculture Association website includes a new initiative called the Knowledge Base that includes a host of Practical Solutions.

And finally - a video of the lad

doing what he did best - enjoying himself - see the smile at 57 secs.