Energy Systems


One system’s waste is another’s raw material. Paulo realised this fact at an early stage in his permaculture development. Waste from domestic animals, food preparation and humans themselves can all be fermented by bacteria to produce biogas - flammable methane that can be used for heating, cooking and engines to run machines and generators . . . and then there is the sun  . . . each year the earth receives twice as much energy from the sun as would be released by burning all the gas, oil and coal in the world and fissioning every last atom of uranium.

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Paulo energy links

  1. Jardim Angela Biogas

  2. Published by Paulo on Jan 3, 2014

  3. “...The latest update to the Solar Cities 3 IBC biodigester that has been installed with the Favela de Paz project in the Jardim Angela favela, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Still a few tweaks to go, but all in all it is starting to work well.”

  1. Distiller Rocket Stove Test

  2. Test of new variety of rocket stove Paulo designed for using with distillation equipment.

Tamera Stirling engine power

Resources in preparation:

  1. Photosynthesis and biomass

  2. Schaeffler mirrors

  3. Shea butter production


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