The Invitation

This gathering is not intended to be a funeral – that formality has already taken place in Brazil. Paulo’s ashes will be present, as will photos and mementos from his life and, of course, his wife and family – and you, his friends.

We intend to hold a simple opening ceremony that incorporates a wide range of  beliefs and which will create a space where we can come together to grieve for Paulo's loss, to celebrate his life and achievements, to share recollections and to reflect on how we all go forward in his memory.

Following the ceremony, we shall share in a beautiful vegan feast such as Paulo would greatly enjoy. Wear comfortable, casual clothes, and please bring a cushion to sit on if required, in case we have to cosy up together as a consequence of rain or insufficient chairs.

If you can, please bring a photograph or printed personal memory to add to the walls of the room (as a 'non-virtual' Facebook wall); also, every one of you brings a personal view of Paulo – any spontaneous spoken thoughts that come from the heart during the ceremony will also be most welcome.

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After the Gathering, the contents of the Wall were stuck into two scrapbooks.  Electronic versions were made that you can download.

Scrapbook 1

Scrapbook 2

And there’s also the GreenPeace Tribute

There are also links to Paulo’s:

  1. Music

  2. Art

  3. Writing

Paulo Mellett – Memorial Gathering – Monkton Wyld Court, Charmouth, Dorset

Sunday 20th July 2014, 2pm onwards

During the meal, a group of practitioners drew together - experts in the fields of disaster relief, lime and straw bale building, water, and waste management, permaculture and energy systems: they resolved to sustain and develop Paulo’s vision for integrated ecological designs that optimise the use of inputs and eliminate the pooling of waste. Thus was born the association with the Tamera ‘Blueprint Project’ and the emergence of the RECODE project centred in Pakistan.