Paulo’s Music


Paul (as he was then) was taught the recorder from the age of 6 to 11 at primary school by the ferocious but thorough Mrs Bray. From 14, as with many adolescent males, the guitar and drums were his chosen instruments playing with three other locals in a band called Eftus Spectun. His studies on a two-year BTEC course in Popular Music at Bath Technical College were cut short at the age of 18 by leukaemia. Post-transplant from his sister Mary, Paulo thrashed his way back to physical health on a full set of drums in his bedroom, the neighbours delighting to hear the sound at all hours of the day and night as proof that he was well and truly alive again. David Balen - in whose recording studio Paulo spent many happy and productive hours said that: “... When we played, things spontaneously happened and I am still surprised today at his effortless creative genius and spark and the way we inspired one another. His work for the planet is well known and justly lauded, but, if he had wanted to, he could have gone on and developed into an even greater creative musical force. He had a practical idealism and walked his walk with grace – I am grateful to have known and shared close time with him”.

  1. Tree is a completely original song - lyric and music - sung and played here by Paulo.

  2. Look Around by the Formidable Vegetable Sound System - quirky, rhythmical, tuneful, mischievous - typically Paulo’s sort of music.

  3. More original music

  4. Let go

  5. Ana.wav

  6. northern sky.wav

  7. Recovery.m4a

      With Davis Balin

  1. ELIDA 2 AIR1BNC.mp3



Paulo could pick up almost any instrument and get a tune out of it.