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The impetus for establishing this resource was the early death of Paulo Mellett, who was at the forefront of integrating permaculture, water, building and energy designs into the lives of local communities.  His chief skill was to work inclusively – to capture the imaginations of the diverse interests in the field of sustainability and to integrate their efforts to meet the overall practical intention.

Paulo's life here ended in 2014 but his way of working and his underlying values remain highly relevant to addressing contemporary problems. This website is offered to you as a collaborative resource - as a meeting place for permaculture practitioners, water management designers, sustainable builders and alternative energy systems developers. It contains a growing archive of best practice and includes a wiki for elucidating ideas and a forum discussing live projects.

If you are new to this website – and especially if you did not know Paulo or his work – you need to spend some time browsing through the 'Introduction' pages that contextualise the spirit of the core of this resource. Access these pages via the menu at the top of each page - in the sequence:      

| Website Aims | Paulo’s Roots | The SLush Fund | The SLush report  | Scrapbooks |


Follow THIS LINK to access the menu for the main core of the Collaborative Resource that includes:

  1. Permaculture Systems

  2. Sustainable Building

  3. Water Systems

  4. Energy Systems 

  5. Integrated Systems

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Follow THIS LINK to access the menu for the Tamera Blueprint Project that includes:

  1. The Tamera meeting 26-29 September

  2. The Pakistan villages project

  3. Tamera and the Terra Nova project